Monday, December 28, 2009


Sure cannot beat the ocean view when comparing this hotel with another. The facilities provided are adequate and quite ok, didn't change much since my last visit 4 years ago. But this time time i got better room with the view and minus the carpet smell.

Overall the hotel is good for someone who want to explore Terengganu beach front and scenery. the only setback is the price is for me quite overrated.

Verdict: Good

Sunday, November 8, 2009

HOTEL REVIEW: Olympic Sports Hotel

I been asked to stay in this hotel quite sometimes but only mange to check the new renovated hotel last week during NSC 2010 Training Program Workshop. At the first glimpse the exterior of the hotel remain the same as before but once i step into the lobby a true picture of interior of new renovated hotel start to kick in.

The seminar room are also renovated to cater new client taste and budget of course. With the interior the seminar room can cater for small group activities with full range of services.

But what surprise me was the hotel room . it modern and simplify interior make me want to stay longer. this hotel cater for sports community at large and with most of the association is located at OCM this hotel for sure will become a pit stop for everybody to catch up with their friends. The current room rate and seminar rate also will not burn our pockets.

Conviction: Value for money

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hotel Review: Embassy Hotel Johor Bharu

Again I'm disappointed by the hotel "gah" name. Our friend in JB want us to try this hotel since he had inside connection who can give us good discount but sadly to say that the name is not mirror the interior. Our room had been upgrade into suites but compare to other hotel this suites room only equivalent to standard room. What a letdown. The hotel layout also not user friendly since we have to go through many doors to go our room but the security is good though.
The breakfast was so simple maybe because most of the hotel guest had their own breakfast outside. The only good thing i can vouch is their dedicated staff which are very friendly and attentive.

Conviction: seriously lacking value for money

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

PRICE CHECK: What RM8 for chicken soup????

We stop at joker street to try the famous cendol but sadly to found that the store was closed. then after few quick discussion we proceed to Qudnlye Cafe in front of Malaka police station for quick bite. The cafe evironment is very tempting and we are so hungry so a quick order made.

i'm ordering chicken soup since i had flu and few of my friends ordered mee mamak and fries. the food is ok la but the soup so oily. We never expect that the food here so expensive since it is only cafe beside the street.

HAHAHAH what a innocence tought. The soup cost a RM8, mee mamak RM5.50 each and fries RM5.50. What a rip off

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We were cheated: price comparison

Just 2 week ago I bought nespray milk for 16.90 and pampers drypers for 34.90 from Carefour Sri Petaling and now on promotion the price nearly double. What a rip off. They cheat us in the broad light with out thinking consumer condition right now. We must exercise our right as consumer and boycott that supermarket.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hotel Review: Hotel Mutiara JB

When comes to comfort sure i will pick Mutiara Hotel compare to New York Hotel or Selesa Hotel in Johor Bharu. Since 2007 when ever i have chances to stay in Johor Bharu i will try to check in into Mutiara Hotel.

This trip my room been upgraded into deluxe room. The room is more specious then standard room with the new fitting i feel very comfortable indeed. But the setback is the hot water inside the room is not functioning at all and the housekeeping is quite slow in servicing my requirement. I have to wait for 30 minute and 2 calls to get iron to be sent into my room and today the house keeper forget to tide up my room until 230 pm.

emmmm nice room without nice service draw customer away guys.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


well if this picture is true, maybe we have the opportunity to change to more affordable mpv..if u don't i will....small car translate into small petrol consumption i presume and less expenditure to my family.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Serenity in Kampung Sepeneh Seberang Batu Kurau Perak

If i can afford to stay here forever i will do that. But I'm not that rich to do that without working my ass till my retirement age...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Hotel review: Awana Genting

Quite sometimes I didn't come and stay here in Awana. In those day during Jaya 98 or Cemerlang 2010 program, NSC frequently organized event here in Awana.
The room look better these day. The space is well organize and make it very roomy.But I feel that the restaurant is a letdown. The food is less variety, not like before and the taste is just above average.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hotel Grand Paragon JB

This hotel chosen because most of my staff already bored to stay in New York hotel which some how become our official when ever we go down to JB.

Nice lobby and look quite grand showing off it new outfit.

The room also not bad but maybe due to upgraded into deluxe room. The bad is not that superb and feel a little bit soft in the middle which is not good for a big guys like me. The shower is spacious and well equip. The most impressive features is the 32 flat screen.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Life without traffic jam

I feel so glad that I choose to stay at bukit jalil. Even it is only rented quaters but at least my apt is very near to my office. With the current road condition which is jam sepanjang masa, I don't think I can't tolerate as others.

My wife car pool every day to KL and always back in the early hours different from the rest of office people. Government should encourge more people to use car pool concept to ease KL traffic. I don't not know why they stop promoting that.

The LRT should be expend to other area and it service also must improve in many area especially it frequency.

My two cent
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After so many month didn't have time to update this blog suddenly i realize that i need to do something about it, either to close it or continue to update when ever i have time. Actually i have few more blog and two face book account to manage. Currently I'm quite busy with Pelapis blog and face book.

With a new addition of family member come to picture my daily life become more busy with house core and attending my wife needs. dalam pantang sure have to give more attention. I love you mama.

Last Saturday our apartment fell under criminal spell again. i lost 3 pairs of shoes and few of my neighbour reported the same thing. The criminal (wtf) are so cunning even tough few month back 2 of them were caught right handed on the scene and beaten by the angry mob.

The security guard should do something to prevent this and must always make a round to prevent preying eyes looking for opportunity to steal anything from our apartment