Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleepless in Liverpool: Volcano crisis in Europe

At last our flight was confirmed by the travel agent. what a relieved. Feel so annoyed by the way they managed the crisis. they should sent the flight test earlier or sent a drone plane to take sample. with the current high technology available plus satellite system in place they cant see what happen in the upper layer of the sky and assumed it is dangerous without carrying any test.

Anyway the overstay in liverpool give me opportunity to visit old friends and new in Manchester. I didnt see peanut since our graduation from Miami University 1998. Very long period indeed. Good short visit to MU stadium and MC was brisk and cheap item bought without any hesitation.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm bless to be chosen to be part or historical technical team to Everton Youth Academy in Liverpool UK. All the story about the academy are true to it reputation. but.....the mother nature have her own plan once we reach there. the very difficult to pronounce volcano want everybody in this world to remember it presence..Puff one day...then the aviation society feel its power and run into chaos..

Anyway my stay here have to be prolong and thank to Everton Club generosity the extended stay are somehow rather pleasant and wonderful..

The apartment we stay are located in the prime area of Liverpool One, the new shopping district just open a year ago..what a everyday we are walking along the famous Liverpool One with shops offering the best merchandise they can offer.

The room are so well organize, neat and modern. you can throw away a feeling that you are treated as royalty here....all facilities such as washing machine, stove, utensil, fridge and etc are provided.

Verdict: so damn good to stay if you got the kaching....$$$$$$