Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Imperial International Kota Kinabalu Sabah

My friend suggest us to stay here in The Imperial International Kota Kinabalu for this trip. The hotel situated at the center of KK downtown and serrounded with shopping complexes, shop lot and the Plaza Warisan. The famous Philipine Market just a walking distance from the hotel.

The hotel entrance are so busy with traffic and you need some sort of miracle to park your car here in front of the hotel. The lobby is so simple in design and you can see the influence of Chinese culture by looking the red theme selected at the most furniture here.

The check in was quite hassle free and the reception was kind enough to answer few of my question. then the room.....the size of the room was big compare what they have in Promenade Hotel which i stay last week. The focal point will be the RED chair near the bed which give you the wow factor.

The bed is ok and the toilet was spacious enough for big size like me but the towel so terrible and yucky. Please la change the towel to give more luxurious feeling and add value to the room.

Verdict: Overall the hotel is ok and for those who didn't care much about towel qualities heheh..and concentrate to shopping experience this hotel is for you.

Grace Park Kota Kinabalu Sabah

if you want to feel different kind of environment and have a good food in KK area, maybe you will like this place. this is my first time coming to Grace Park food court where verities of food been prepared by individual stall. Grace Park offered verities of food ranging from korean food, indian, malay and of course western. But word of cautious the beautiful design should followed by the good food.

I tried the roti nan with thandoori chicken but it taste so bad and the nan was hard as wood. the mee udang ordered by my fried quite tasteless but the ikan bakar serve with nasik beras bukit quite good. The fried banana and grill banana were awesome.

Verdict: up to personal preference, i feel that this place should offer more good food and verities of menu for those who looking for good place and very nice makan place.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kejadian Tanah Runtuh Rumah Anak Yatim di Hulu Langat

(Gambar ehsan Harian Metro)

Hujan lebat sebegini selalunya membawa perkhabaran yang buruk kepada penempatan di pinggir tebing curum dan kawasan berbukit. Kadang kala manusia terlupa pembangunan dikawasan berisiko boleh mengundang bahaya dan malapetaka.

Usaha mencari mangsa-mangsa yang mungkin terselamat masih diteruskan oleh pihak berkuasa. Diharap seluruh rakyat Malaysia dapat mendoakan agar usaha menyelamat mangsa akan membuahkan hasil.

Takhziah kepada penghuni Rumah Anak Yatim Al-Takwa, FELCRA Semungkis yang menjadi mangsa dalam kejadian ini.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sea Food Kg Air

I always try not to tell my friends in KK that I'm coming down there but somehow rather they will know it especially desmond who always want me to call him whenever I arrive there.

I been to kg air sea food since 2004 and this place always serve the best, the fresh and the cheapest seafood in KK.

The place had a new face lift and offer more family oriented atmosphere and more clean.

The sea food menu for my dinner are tapah steam with ginger, soft crab butter, prawn steam, sabah vage and finished by young coconut drink.

With a pleasant and ever informative desmond sitting beside me the dinner was so splendid and satisfied a hunger bunch.

Verdict: the menu vary and depend on what you want.
The price was so cheap compare the price in KL.

Krishnan Curry House

If you are looking for the best fish head curry in Kota Kinabalu, don't look far as around for krishnan curry house in jelston. I can't give you the exact location but local people should give you the right direction.

The curry quite different from what we have in semenanjung. It more ticker and spicy. The side order such as burung puyuh, peria goreng, udang masak merah compliment the fish head curry very well. The dishes serve with steamy rice, indian side dishes which is I can't pronounce it. Who will bother with that if the curry is the one you are targeted.

The restaurant itself house the most unusual photo collection. You may interested to ask about local warrior
Photo and the town in the early years. The most intrigue photo in the wall was the photo of Siam King with king all over the world. You should check this photo display at upper floor in the restaurant.

Verdict: the food are so Yummy
The environment is so nice and plenty of car park.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Restauran Getaran Jiwa Alam Mesra Kota Kinabalu

Never before I witness the customer have to make their own coffee. My friend order kopi tongkat ali and the waitress sent a glass of hot water and a packet of tongkat ali coffee. We asked the waitress where is the coffee that my friend order and he replied he have to mix it together on his own. We are looking to each other and burst into laughter.

Everything here have extra charge. For extra limau 50 sen, tambah kaw another extra 20 sen for you. We are making jokes that whatever we order we have to make our self..if you want to order kopok you must prepare to bring your own or willing to cook it.
Hahahahahah good laugh after heavy seafood dinner

Verdict: avoid this restaurant at all cost

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yati Ayam Percik Kota Bharu

The best ayam percik kota baharu can offer are at Yati Ayam Percik Restaurant. The restaurant is small but offer varieties of local delicacies and specialize at preparing the best nasi kerabu serve with ayam percik and daging bakar. You can witness the restaurant are so popular with tourist local and abroad.

Kemaman Kopitiam Kota Bharu Kelantan

I been craving for White House Kopitiam coffee quite sometimes. the last i sample the famous coffee in this cafe was in 2005. since that i always regards this shop as one of the best kopitiam. But 2 night ago, i had to take out this shop from my 'must visit list'. The coffee are lame and dull. the roti bakar not as good as before.

So with that, i had to find new place to sample good coffee here in Kota Bharu. My quest didn't take long once i stumble the Kemaman Kopitiam at the same stretch road as the hotel that i stay.

The coffee serve was so good and rich. The bun Roti Bakar was heavenly prepared and the half boiled egg serve hot near perfection.

The Verdict:

Menu - ample selection for coffee buff like me or for moderate drinker
environment - quite and easy to park
star rating - 4 star

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kota Bharu: Food heaven

Kota Bharu always offered veruty of dishes to be sample for food lover. From ayam percik, akok, nasi kerabu to sup gear book kari, i always feel that people here in newscastle ( as we are joking around called it) love their food more then they love themselves.. hehehehe

The best past is the food are so cheap. During lunch we stop by at restaurant Ulam in .... to sample the local food and it specialties which us ulam-ulam kampung. What a treat. with the ulam spread the whole table my saliva nearly drool down from my mouth.

Friday, May 6, 2011

MY WISH LIST ( err can i still wish for something after my birthday)


my next 'harta karun' to be. i would like to have this beautiful set. dreaming about it since RIM announce it few month back. i can sleep well in the night if i have this combo.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


craving for this movie quite sometimes and cant download decent quality recording from any website i known. but once i can download the movie slightly disappointed me. the story quite predictable and the effect not up to my expectation.

Untuk kawan-kawan yang terlibat dalam Hi-O

Barisan Pengurusan Tertinggi Hai-O 2009:

1. Suvit Lee - Director (Hai-O Energy)
2. Boon On Suee - Director/ Asst. General Manager (Kinds Resource)
3. Tan Tok Keong - Director/ General Manager (Hai-O Raya)
4. Soh Ai Choo - Director/ Manager (Seagull Advertising)
5. Tan Keng Song - Group Executive Director
6. Ng Lip Yong @ Ng Lip Sat - Managing Director (Hai-O Energy)
7. Tan Kee Hock - General Manager (Hai-O Enterprise)
8. Tan Siow Eng - Group Chief Treasurer
9. Hew Von Kin - Group Chief Financial Officer
10. Jym Ow Chee Wei - General Manager (Hai-O Marketing)
11. Chua Chun Siang - Director/ Asst. General Manager (SG Global)
12. Chris Chia Kuo Wui - Group Executive Director/Director & Asst. General Manager (Grand Brands)
13. Chai Meng Kow - Director/ Asst. General Manager (Hai-O Medicine)
14. Julie Tan Chwee Sin - Group Admin & Porperty Manager
15. Erica Lai Ah Moy @ Lee Ah Moy - Director/Administration Manager (Hai-O Energy)
16. Lim Ai Aik - Personal Assistant to MD (Hai-O Enterprise)
17. Philip Teo Kheng Leong - Asst. Area Manager(Hai-O Raya)
18. Tan Soh Hoon - Adminstration, Asst.Manager (Hai-O Marketing)
19. Thomas Chong Kit Keong - Creative Director (Seagull Advertising)
20. Eric Hew Koon Soong - Internal Audit Asst Manager (Hai-O Enterprise)
21. Jason Hong Kok Siong - Marketing & Branding Manager (Hai-O Raya)
22. Tan Leok Kwee - Asst. General Manager cum Merchandising Development Manager (Hai-O Raya)
23. Tan Tin Hoong - Branch Manager(Hai-O Raya)
24. Tan Leok Yen - Customer Service, Asst. Manager (Hai-O Marketing)
25. Teoh Soo Hin - Group Advertising & Publicity Manager
26. Tan Hock Seong - Store, Asst. Manager (Hai-O Marketing)
27. Mohamed Tajuddin - Assistant General Manager (Hai-O Marketing)
28. Teo Yew Chai - Asst. Warehouse Manager (Hai-O Enterprise)
29. Liu Wu Chiu - Chief Research Officer (Hai-O Enterprise)
30. Jonathan Chong Chee How - Chief English Editor (Hai-O Enterprise)
31. Bryan Tee Woon Onn - Senior Area Manager (Hai-O Raya)
32. Woon Chin Keong - Asst Merchandising Manager (Hai-O Raya)
33. Yap Oi Lin - Operations & Planning Manager (Hai-O Enterprise)
34. Jackson Cheah Kah Loong - Group MIS Manager
35. Tan Siew Kheng - Accounts Manager (Hai-O Raya)
36. Miandy Lai Seng Mian - Group Accountant
37. Wong Leong Foo - Regional Manager (Hai-O Raya)
38. Penny Wong Yee Ping - Asst. Accounts Manager (Hai-O Enterprise)
39. Chu Huon Peng - Asst. Franchise Development & Operations Manager (Hai-O Raya)
40. Wong Kim Far - Sales Manager (Chop Aik Seng)
41. Florence Lee Yuen Ngor - Customer Service Manager (Hai-O Marketing)
42. Jessica Lim Yim Peng - Group Personnel Manager
43. Yap Sooi Mee - Group Finance Manager
44. Yap Ai Ho - Operations Manager (Hai-O Marketing)
45. Ng Soh Bee - Project Coordinator(Hai-O Enterprise)
46. Tan Wan Ewe - Operations, Asst. Manager (SG Global)
47. Nancy Chua Swee Tin - Customs & Shipping Manager (Hai-O Enterprise)
48. Tan Siew Ze - Asst. General Manager (Hai-O Marketing)
49. Tan Sit Chung - Product Development & Promotion cum Distribution Manager (Hai-O Marketing)
50. Woh Chee Houw - Sales Manager (Hai-O Enterprise)