Sunday, November 8, 2009

HOTEL REVIEW: Olympic Sports Hotel

I been asked to stay in this hotel quite sometimes but only mange to check the new renovated hotel last week during NSC 2010 Training Program Workshop. At the first glimpse the exterior of the hotel remain the same as before but once i step into the lobby a true picture of interior of new renovated hotel start to kick in.

The seminar room are also renovated to cater new client taste and budget of course. With the interior the seminar room can cater for small group activities with full range of services.

But what surprise me was the hotel room . it modern and simplify interior make me want to stay longer. this hotel cater for sports community at large and with most of the association is located at OCM this hotel for sure will become a pit stop for everybody to catch up with their friends. The current room rate and seminar rate also will not burn our pockets.

Conviction: Value for money

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hotel Review: Embassy Hotel Johor Bharu

Again I'm disappointed by the hotel "gah" name. Our friend in JB want us to try this hotel since he had inside connection who can give us good discount but sadly to say that the name is not mirror the interior. Our room had been upgrade into suites but compare to other hotel this suites room only equivalent to standard room. What a letdown. The hotel layout also not user friendly since we have to go through many doors to go our room but the security is good though.
The breakfast was so simple maybe because most of the hotel guest had their own breakfast outside. The only good thing i can vouch is their dedicated staff which are very friendly and attentive.

Conviction: seriously lacking value for money

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