Friday, April 29, 2011

Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon

Cant wait for this movie to be screen in KL. The release date will be July 1st 2011. (Raizal...ingat that date ok)...Daniel sure will be happy to see his bumble bee in action again and my pocket will be lighter after buying another bumble bee toy. ermm..

My dream gadget: Playbook

my dream gadget to complement my bb torch is on sale now. cant wait to get hold on this black beauty and the review on the net put a break on my dream. maybe i have to wait for a while before decide to purchase on for me.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Secret Recipe Putrajaya

Jenuh nak cari tempat untuk family outing last-last p putrajaya jugak. Baru tahu bawah masjid putrajaya tu ada tempat family nak makan-makan, nak jalan-jalan. Banyak kedai. Dari petang dok beranggan nak makan sedap-sedap so bila sampai tempat ne terus cari kedai yang sodap.

Memandangkan dah lama tak pergi makan kat Secret recipe bila nampak terus tuju.

Kawasan makan ne rupenya tutup jam 9 kami sampai jam 841..kesian budak2 pelayan ne kena tunggu. Tapi adik2 ne terus senyum sokmo.

Order punya order bila sampai banyak juga. Hidangan amat menarik. Ayam. Sangat menyelerakan dan hiasan sungguh ermm yummy.
Speggeti bollognesse juga amat menyelerakan.

Service - tip top
Kawasan - 1st class
Menu - sangat menarik
Harga- ok la berpatutan (sikit mahal)
Star - 4 star

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Food Review: quick lunch at Desa Tasik Sup Meletup

Saturday give me opportunity to settle old chores such sending my car to the car wash. I'm not alone doing this and every car wash here in desa tasik full with people and the car pile up fast. So to kill time I walk to near by stall for a quick lunch.

This is the famous Sup Meletup Stall features in Jalan-jalan Cari Makan by TV3. Knowing it reputation as the famous eatery place I hope I will be serve with mouth watering chicken rice. I noticed there are many customer drop by to order the chicken rice and judging from the que in front of chicken rice counter I suspect the food is so damn good.

But I felt so disappointed when the waiter sent the chicken rice. The rice was plain, the sup was dark in color and taste meaty, the chicken serve with soy sauce and 2 pieces of cucumber. Nothing special. The taste was just average. Nothing to shout about. Ermm I still wondering why the que was long.

Just a reminder for the weak stomach customer, don't ever eat at the table situated at the back of the stall. The odor was terrible and will kill your appetite. The owner should manage his leftover well to attract more customer and for heaven sake please upgrade your place since you're so famous. Last note, take care of your cleanliness around and inside your stall.

Verdict: for those who don't mind in surrounding and only focus at the food, it is 4 star. For me 2 star la.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pilihan Hati

Tengok iklan dalam paper sahih terliur. Macam-macam promotion ada waktu kita tengah plan nak beli barang sampai boleh berpinau mata dibuatnya.

Kalau ikut rasa hati mahu terbakar poket sebab semuanya sangat menarik dan ada classs..hahahaha

Nak juga merasa barangan ada jenama ini bak kata orang menang membeli menang memakai. Kalau betul la peribahasa tu.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What the Heck: Celcom line kaput

I have been so loyal to Celcom since ages. The product and services they offer supposes to be the best in this country if not in this region. Their tagline Celcom territory is commendable but in reality I hope they will burn in hell.

Many times the network coverage will go down from 3G to EDGE then to edge then to GSM and tonite it really push my temperature up to the roof.

Many occasion I experience very frustrated situation where I can't browse the net using my bb.

For the agency responsible to all service provider please do your job and monitor these company closely. Don't just listen to their so call expert to give you report.

For frustrated customer like me time to consider other provider.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Dairy of life

Today I realize that sometimes too many success invite dark forces lurking in many form. When we have nothing no one will realize our existence but once we taste glory no stone will be left unturn to sabotage it.

Food Review: San Francisco Restaurant Bangi

Bagus-bagus juga menu di sini. sedap. service pun cepat dan mesra alam. nak kata harga mahal tak lah juga sebab compare dengan hotel lebih kurang juga la.

Friday, April 8, 2011

New Blackberry Bold Touch

I dream about this new device since it review in crankberry. RIM from time to times I suspected to leak some news about the new device because it always popup in some blog.

Anyway it will take some time to reach Malaysia once RIM launch officially later.