Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After so many month didn't have time to update this blog suddenly i realize that i need to do something about it, either to close it or continue to update when ever i have time. Actually i have few more blog and two face book account to manage. Currently I'm quite busy with Pelapis blog and face book.

With a new addition of family member come to picture my daily life become more busy with house core and attending my wife needs. dalam pantang sure have to give more attention. I love you mama.

Last Saturday our apartment fell under criminal spell again. i lost 3 pairs of shoes and few of my neighbour reported the same thing. The criminal (wtf) are so cunning even tough few month back 2 of them were caught right handed on the scene and beaten by the angry mob.

The security guard should do something to prevent this and must always make a round to prevent preying eyes looking for opportunity to steal anything from our apartment