Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fishless night (for me again)

After so many cancelation, last night i manage to get myself free and went for fishing in the paid pond. Man lead the way using his motorcyle and as former mat rempit as usual use his skill to left us behind. but enough about our trip and now i must confess the pond seem not like promising at the first with all rubbish, smell and it is small actualy. Many fishing kaki's turn up last night.

It is nearly 2 year i didnt go for pond fishing....i have to recall back all my skill to throw the soft barley bait....punah..have to change the bait regularly. what a mess. after few minute Pian joran seem taken by big if a season fishermen man pull the rod hard and hook on the big guys smashing al over. with a few minute big head carp shown it ugly is over 2 kilo i think.

Then the action keep comming but only with man rod. i dont know maybe because i didnt throw the bait further into the midle of the pond.

the action didnt not end ther.... suprisingly the small pond generate a lot od action..Abang near by took out patin after a pro..

but me and la bait yes taken the total score at the end:-
me: 0 pian: 0 man: 1 man friend: 2

what a night

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