Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hotel Review: Everly Resort Hotel Melacca

It been quite sometimes we didn't had family outing. When my wife told me that she have to attend department course in Melaka two month ago and a blink I agreed. Now here we are at Everly Resort Hotel Tanjung Keling Melaka. The journey to the resort was smooth minus few hiccup and misinterpretation of the map. Anyway the resort location was easy to find and you also can google it if you want.

The resort is big and quite new. All facilities are there with big pool waving my kids to jump in.

What surprise me the most was the apartment. My wife manage to get one bedroom apartment with small extra token. It has living room, small bar and bedroom big enough to accommodate our big family. And lucky enough we bring toto along. All basic facilities are there.

The pool are big and the beach are near just a step away from the resort.

Maybe he only complain I have is about the food. We order tiffin menu from room service. It cost us RM27 with rice, ayam kurma, lemak kobis, sotong goreng and I add asam pedas. The rice portion are small even though they claim it is for 4 people. The kurma was ok but the asam pedas and lemak kobis was a let down.

Verdict: very good gateway resort. With value for money but...please improved your cooking skill.

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