Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hotel Review: Bayu Beach Resort, Port Dickson

Again off to PD for Division Retreat. Quite skeptical on the resort since the last stay here resulting a very unpleasant memories.

The resort didn't change much from the last visit two year ago and the smell still the same..cant do much since everything been arrange by the organizer.

'm supposed to get so call "suite" but it is rather a big room with basic necessities. Not even can compare with standard room in other 4 star hotel. Ok la but not much can be describe for the interior. But when you open up the sliding door the view is to die for.

for those who coming for a solitude, this place can offered so much thing to do to heal your soul but since i'm here because of an official duty then what i can do is only enjoying the view due to the tight schedule.

for those who want to relax and maybe have small budget this hotel are recommended but for those who are looking for good service and good facilities maybe others hotel or resort is a better choice.

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