Sunday, January 29, 2012

Fishing Trip

Taking a break from my house story. Hahah

Without any puff and huff we manage to go for fishing trip this weekend. 1st plan to go to phantom bank fail since all date was fully booked. I manage to get contact from for fishing spot in Telok Gong. House raft or rumah rakit own by abang mokhtar available for the date that we want.

11 of us confirm attendance for the trip. Everyone so excited but I told them not to expect much since nobody ever fish there. Mail so kind to sponsor chicken for bbq and yester at 12 we assemble and drove to teluk gong.

We arrive at 120 pm and had quick lunch there. Abang mokhtar asked us to wait for awhile since he had to clean the rumah rakit first.

There are so many rumah rakit in that area and our situated near the end. The rumah rakit look promising and with out further the delay we throw the line into the promising river. The current was so strong..

We only manage to catch ikan duri, very few gelama and that is. The rest bbq and eat only. Hahaha

Anyway we are looking forward for anothe fishing trip soon.

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