Saturday, April 23, 2011

Food Review: quick lunch at Desa Tasik Sup Meletup

Saturday give me opportunity to settle old chores such sending my car to the car wash. I'm not alone doing this and every car wash here in desa tasik full with people and the car pile up fast. So to kill time I walk to near by stall for a quick lunch.

This is the famous Sup Meletup Stall features in Jalan-jalan Cari Makan by TV3. Knowing it reputation as the famous eatery place I hope I will be serve with mouth watering chicken rice. I noticed there are many customer drop by to order the chicken rice and judging from the que in front of chicken rice counter I suspect the food is so damn good.

But I felt so disappointed when the waiter sent the chicken rice. The rice was plain, the sup was dark in color and taste meaty, the chicken serve with soy sauce and 2 pieces of cucumber. Nothing special. The taste was just average. Nothing to shout about. Ermm I still wondering why the que was long.

Just a reminder for the weak stomach customer, don't ever eat at the table situated at the back of the stall. The odor was terrible and will kill your appetite. The owner should manage his leftover well to attract more customer and for heaven sake please upgrade your place since you're so famous. Last note, take care of your cleanliness around and inside your stall.

Verdict: for those who don't mind in surrounding and only focus at the food, it is 4 star. For me 2 star la.

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