Thursday, May 19, 2011

Krishnan Curry House

If you are looking for the best fish head curry in Kota Kinabalu, don't look far as around for krishnan curry house in jelston. I can't give you the exact location but local people should give you the right direction.

The curry quite different from what we have in semenanjung. It more ticker and spicy. The side order such as burung puyuh, peria goreng, udang masak merah compliment the fish head curry very well. The dishes serve with steamy rice, indian side dishes which is I can't pronounce it. Who will bother with that if the curry is the one you are targeted.

The restaurant itself house the most unusual photo collection. You may interested to ask about local warrior
Photo and the town in the early years. The most intrigue photo in the wall was the photo of Siam King with king all over the world. You should check this photo display at upper floor in the restaurant.

Verdict: the food are so Yummy
The environment is so nice and plenty of car park.

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