Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hotel Review: King Hotel Melaka

When my staff in Melaka asked me which hotel I would like to stay during my short visit to Malaka, I straight away told him that I want to stay in King Hotel because it located near to MITC. I remember vividly the hotel location which is at the conner before the MITC junction. But actually it is located nearly 1km from the location I remembered. This is a solid proof that my age already catching with me. Hahahaha

The hotel offer basic necessities and simple setup. The room quite big and my room had 1 queen bed and a single bed. Ermmm but I'm alone so what I'm suppose to do with the extra bed. The toilet offered ample space to maneuver. All you expect from 2 star hotel are there and the only setback was the tv set was so Jurassic but the channel was good tough.

I didn't take the room photo which I regret till now but the corridor and the lobby photo's give you a glimpse of what to expect.

Verdict: value for money for traveler like me and for short visit it gave you all you need in one place.

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