Sunday, July 3, 2011

Khasmir Restaurant Penang Road

My friend remind me time to times to sample the best tanddori chicken Penang can offer at Khasmir Restaurant.

Last week I manage to get hold of this so called famous entry. The restaurant situated at the end of Penang road and near the famous Line Clear nasi kandar. Located under the hotel make us difficult to find it. The restaurant is very old indeed nearing 27 year and decorated by Northern India design. The restaurant ceiling still bore the previous owner Chinese design.

The owner of the restaurant kind enough to introduce us the way northern indian food to be served.
First for the appetizer, we order pakore. Not knowing what to expect the pakore actualy a mix of potato and other ingredient. The owner daughter shows us how to mix the dhall and mint souce. Small but satisfying.

The second order which tandoori chicken marinate to perfection and to our suprise the tandoori serve without the naan as we expect from other restaurant. When we asked the reason, the owner simply said ' if you want to taste the real northern indian food, this is the way they eat. And if you eat with the naan then the chicken taste will be blend with un necessary ingredient. True to his explanation the thandoori taste so divine.

Then come the nan onion and the side dishes such us prawn massala, ala ghobi and dhall. With four of us getting only one piece of nan, the owner order anothe round of nan and this time garlic nan.

Verdict: for those who are looking different kind of cooking style and want to sample the authentic northern indian food then Khasmir offered you the best from this region.

But for budgeted visitor like us, beware of the price, it will burn your pocket.

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