Friday, July 15, 2011

My House Story: Sad news

My brother asked me to get as many used wood available to cut cost buying new wood material for my house. so disappointed after getting sms from one hj in teluk intan saying that the house I want is not belong to him. My friend also get confirmation from his father that the wood from his kampung were infested by anai-anai. Scratching my head trying to get information of the much needed wood from other sources. helpppp me please

The grass surrounding the house need to be taken care soon. I manage to get the contractor to come on Saturday to cut the grass and the trees around the house.
what can i say this is small jungle

if i delay another month maybe this tree will as high as my house

Anyway my electrician comes today and manage to reconnect the supply from the DB.
Now i have to wait for TNB contractor to come.


  1. Cari kat Labu bnyk kayu2 rumah minang utk di jual.

  2. dah p cari.. tapi tiang 8x8 atau 6x6 tak dapat