Saturday, July 23, 2011

My House Story: tour to teluk intan

rumah ada huhuhu.......besar tapi tak ada orang duduk

rumah di Teluk Intan

My quest for used wood brought me to this part of Perak. I called this hj to make appointment to see the house said to be demolished later. We planned to buy the said house if the wood suitable for my renovation project.

It took me nearly 3 hours to reach teluk intan after sight seeing through the country side.

We arrived safely at Kampung Bahagia Teluk Intan after nearly 3 hour drive. As promised Tuan Haji waiting at the front of the big hall. Just opposite of the dewan was the house that we want to buy.

The house overall was in good condition but the pillar was smaller then the one that we saw in Labu. It measure 5x5 which didn't suitable for our propose corridor.

After some small discussion with tuan hj we are heading back to KL. And my brother offered me to see. his previous project in shah alam.

The owner didn't stay at the house which rumors to be infested by some spirit. Huhuhu

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